INCLUSION & Diversity

At SaaStr, we are committed to inclusion and diversity both as a community and as a fund.  Our goals for the SaaStr Annual, the world's largest event in the industry, is to achieve a 50/40/40 ratio for the 20,000+ Attendees:

 50% multicultural + women speakers, 40% women speakers, and 40% multicultural + women attendees.

We are proud to have had 60%+ women and diverse speakers at the 2018 Annual, and 36% women and diverse attendees.  We are striving for 50% attendees in 2019.  We also provide 1,000+ free inclusion passes to the Annual for underrepresented founder and SaaS executives.

We are also committed to supporting all efforts to allow the best founders and executives from across the world to come to the U.S.  Founders from almost 50 countries come to the SaaStr Annual, and from more than a dozen work out of the SaaStr CoSelling Space

We especially recognize that doing much more to support SaaS executives of color is critically important and seek to promote as many speakers, attendees and participation here as possible.  


Investment Commitment

So far, 50% of our SaaStr Fund investments have a woman CEO and/or co-founder, and 100% have either a woman co-founder or an immigrant co-founder.  

Historically, 90%+ of our investments have been in CEOs that have come to the U.S. from other countries, from all across the world.   We have invested in some of the best entrepreneurs from Portugal, Armenia, France, UK, Estonia, Japan, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, etc.  Without policies that welcome the best-of-the-best to the U.S., we do not believe there is a bright future for entrepreneurism in the U.S.

Our goals here are evolving, but currently, our minimum commitment is to having 33%+ of our investments have women cofounders, and to continue being a leader in founders from other countries.  We recognize these are only partial steps to achieving equality in participation and investment opportunities.  We also recognize that in particular, much, much more needs to be done for founders and women of color.

We are proud to be investors in companies and applications that themselves help companies achieve better diversity themselves, such as Teamable.

We actively seek out founders from diverse backgrounds, primarily because it is consistent with our core values, but also because they have been our top performers.

We strongly support the #decencypledge

MUCH more to do

Please provide us with feedback.  We need your help here.  



We scale better, the more diverse we are.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.